Welcome to the Patriot Oaks Media Center!

We have some wonderful books waiting for you in the library.  At the beginning of the year, kindergarteners and first graders can begin checking out one book each.  Second graders through eighth graders may check out two.  We encourage you to bring in a gallon-size plastic bag to help protect your library books.  The majority of damaged books that students pay for are ruined by water.

Elementary students will visit the library every few days.  Middle school students may check out books each morning, between 8am and 8:20am, and after school until 3pm.  They may also visit the media center during the day with permission from their teacher.
See you in the library!    Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Alexander, & Mrs. Lau

Parents, if you do not want your child to check out books from our library, you need to return a signed opt-out form.  Library Opt-Out