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Inclement Weather Dismissal Procedures

Inclement Weather Dismissal Procedures

Updated 8/29/2016

On days when there is lightning and/or it is raining heavily at the end of the school day, the school will hold all bike riders and walkers up to one-half hour, or until the storm ceases.

Please make prior arrangements with your child for rainy day transportation.  Changes called in to the front office must occur before 2:15pm (1:15pm on Wednesdays).

When your child comes to school, he/she should know what to do when school has rainy day dismissal.  Please make it clear to your child if you intend to pick him/her up in case of severe weather.

Dismissal procedures were discussed at the beginning of the year at your child’s orientation, or individually, for parents to provide instructions for teachers on rainy day dismissals.  If you plan to vary from the procedure you established for your child at the beginning of the year or at the time of enrollment please send a note to the teacher, otherwise we will adhere to the initial directions you provided at the beginning of the school year.  If you are newly enrolled to Patriot Oaks Academy, please communicate your plan to your child’s teacher(s).

If the weather is severe enough to detain students for an extended period of time, a “Remind” text message will be sent out.

Unless lightning and heavy winds and/tornado warnings are in effect that would prevent bus students or car riders from dismissing, they will be dismissed using no more than slightly modified variations of our current practice.


As weather conditions change, it may be necessary to alter plans.  We always consider student safety first.  We will work diligently to expedite dismissal as much as we can and we appreciate your patience as we continue to learn about our community and the methods that work best in each situation.



Types of Dismissal-

Regular Dismissal– no change to routine


Rainy Day Dismissal with no delays– light rain and otherwise no change to dismissal


Rainy Day Dismissal with mild delay– heavy rain/lightning with an approximate 10-20 minute delay in dismissal, bikers/walkers held and then dismissed when rain/lightning subsides.  If parents meet their child off campus, they should wait until a “Remind” text is sent with the status update.  Parents are NOT to check students out though the front office.  (This caused delays when we tried it last time.)


Rainy Day Dismissal with significant delays– This method is utilized only when we MUST for student safety.  It is marked by heavy rain/lightening with a delay in dismissal that extends beyond crossing guard times, bikers/walkers will be held in the cafeteria.  If this occurs, parents may pick up their child by going to the parent pick up line.  Parents will NOT be allowed to park in the staff parking lot and walk up.  (This causes major delays and the front office cannot accommodate the volume of requests.)


If it becomes possible to dismiss students, we may release those students who utilize the Islesbrook exit.


Additional Communication possibilities-

We will communicate with other parents to determine additional methods for release, especially those who must cross Longleaf Pine Parkway.


Because we recognize the hardship this places on families, our staff will stay with students in the cafeteria until they are picked up, as late as 6:00 pm.



We will work to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible.  With over 1,000 students who are car riders, bikers or walkers, we have these procedures in place to maximize safety and efficiency.


Thank you for your patience as we adjust our procedures to meet the needs of our growing community