Welcome To The Charger Cafe!

Welcome to the Charger Café!

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We Welcome You To The Charger Café!

Marie Josee (MJ) Lamarre – Café Manager

Lynda Reilly – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Petrina Huber – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Michelle Campbell – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Sonia Rodas – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Michael Anckner – Lunch Gentleman Extraordinaire

Candace Minnicks – Part-Time Lunch Lady Extraordnaire

We welcome you to visit and discuss any of your child’s needs with us at any time!

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Charger Café 2017-2018 Information

Patriot Oaks Cafeteria Policy

At Patriot Oaks, we allow all students to owe up to $7.50.  I will e-mail ,send letter and/or give a phone call when a student owes money.  If any student is in debt we will NOT allow them to purchase any à la carte items, this includes water.

Please help me by communicating with me about your children. I can always put a limit on their accounts if you wish. Limits can be anything you would like!  We have them from lunch only, monetary limits, to snacks Wednesdays only or ice cream Friday only.  I will work with you to make this as easy as possible!  I do recommend everyone to sign up for the Paypams.com account. You do not need to put money in this way as we always accept cash and checks. With Paypams.com you can monitor your child’s purchases as well as their balances. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns!

Marie Josee (MJ) Lamarre

Patriot Oaks Academy Cafeteria Manager


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