Welcome To The Charger Cafe!

Please  keep your child’s lunch account up to date. 

We will NOT allow any student to charge anything other than lunch at this point in the year. 

Any monies left in the lunch accounts will roll over to next year.  If you have a student that is moving schools, the monies will follow the student as long as you stay within St. Johns County schools.  If you need a refund of the money in your child’s lunch account please contact the manager before the last week of school.  If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact Marie Josee (MJ) Lamarre-Manager

[email protected] 904.547.4061



Marie Josee (MJ) Lamarre – Café Manager

Lynda Reilly – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire Petrina Huber – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Sonia Rodas – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire Carly Geyer – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Michael Anckner – Lunch Gentleman Extraordinaire Carmela Greig – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Jennifer Raymond – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire Sabina Ursem – Lunch Lady Extraordinaire

Chargers Cafe Information 2018-2019

  • HOW DO THE STUDENTS ACCESS THEIR MEAL ACCOUNT AT THE SCHOOL? All students will receive a personal identification number (PIN) (3 to 5 digits number) for their meal account. A user card will be printed for each student until they get their school ID card (Fall)
  • MENU Menus can be found on the St Johns County School District Website www.stjohns.k12.fl.us under the Food & Nutrition Services Department tab. POA Breakfast/Lunch Menu. Menu cycles every two weeks
  • PREPAYMENT FOR FOOD ITEMS Prepayments to your child’s meal account with your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card can be made.  Log onto www.Pay PAMS.com or call 1-888-994-5100.  Payment can also be received by the Food Service Manager in form of check or cash.
  • FOOD ALLERGIES If your child has food allergies, please provide the school nurse with a physician’s note indicating the allergies and the appropriate substitutions that are recommended by the physician or medical authority.
  • À LA CARTE ITEMS Patriot Oaks Academy provides extra à la Carte items, such as ice cream, baked chips, fruit juice, water bottle in addition to many specialty items. These items range in price from $.70 to $2.25 and are not included into the free and reduced price meal program.
  • FORGOT YOUR LUNCH MONEY? Although students are to pay for their meal upon receipt, students may forget their lunch or lunch money.  Your student will be allowed to charge up to one full lunch.  There will be no charging of any à la carte food items to include entrées and snacks.
  • FREE AND REDUCED Meal Application can be completed on the School District website or ask for a copy at the Front Office
  • ACCOUNT BALANCES, either positive or negative, from the previous school year will roll into the new school year unless a refund has been requested. Balances will also follow your child to another school as long as the school is still in St. Johns County.
  • COMMUNICATION WITH THE FOOD SERVICE MANAGER Please feel free to contact if you have any questions, concerns or comments.   [email protected] or 904.547.4061