Patriot Oaks Academy


Committed to every student everyday.

We are a community that fosters character development, independence, and a lifelong love for learning.

Our Staff


Mrs. Olson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 904.547.4053

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Assistant Principals

Ms. Adkins:

Ms. Carlson-Bright:
K-5 ESE and Gifted, Curriculum, Textbooks, K-3 Discipline, MTSS Core Team
Phone: 904.547.4071

Ms. Zamparelli:
6-8 ESE and Gifted, Facilities, Field Studies, 6-8 Dress Code
Phone: 904-547-4062

Mrs. Haugen Secretary to Principal
Mr. Wetjen Dean  
Mrs. Leddy Extended Day Coordinator 904.547.4059
Mrs. Peto Food Service Manager Charger Cafe Website
Ms. Susice ILC  
Mr. Wimmer Testing Coordinator  
Mr. Davis Maintenance Coordinator  
Mrs. Murphy Receptionist 904.547.4050
Mrs. Alberts Receptionist 904.547.4050
Mrs. Jolliff Computer Operator, Middle 904.547.4056
Mrs. Sommers Computer Operator, Elementary 904.547.4076
Ms. Fell Clerk  
Ms. Garcia Clerk  
Ms. Mendoza Clerk  
Ms. Lindahl Bookkeeper  
Nurse Hermann Health Clinic Staff Health Clinic Website
Ms. Sierra Elementary Counselor, Grades K, 2 and 4 Guidance Website
Ms. Saey Elementary Counselor, Grades 1, 3 and 5 Guidance Website
Ms. Giannotta Middle School Counselor Guidance Website

Kindergarten Team
Ms. Birmingham
Ms. Culpepper
Ms. Hodges
Ms. Hood
Ms. Jensen
Ms. Ogier
Ms. Trebony

1st Grade Team
Ms. Dreger
Ms. Gillespie
Ms. Murdock
Ms. Martin
Ms. B. Olson
Ms. Stewart
Mr. Wallner

2nd Grade Team
Ms. Hernandez
Ms. Hughes
Mr. Jones
Ms. LeFebvre
Ms. Scott
Ms. Syner
Ms. White

3rd Grade Team
Ms. Czubati
Ms. Evans
Ms. Garcia
Ms. Gonzalez-Gysan
Ms. Lee
Ms. McGugan
Ms. Rojas
Ms. Stafford
Ms. Underwood

4th Grade Team
Ms. Cipolla
Ms. Cotterman
Ms. Givens
Ms. Lang
Ms. Lavoie
Ms. Romano
Ms. Thistleton
Ms.  Varughese

5th Grade Team
Ms. Coggins
Ms. Bennett
Mr. Beverlyt
Ms. Carver
Ms. Greenfielda
Ms. Hiett
Ms. Jermier
Ms. Shammout
Ms. Trubey

Elementary Resource Team
Mr. Church (PE)
Ms. Hudson (Media)
Ms. Lawrence (Art)
Ms. Lewis (Creative Art)
Ms. Schouest (Computers/STEM)
Ms. Williams (Music)

Middle School ELA Team
Ms. Cady
Ms. Giggy
Ms. Fry
Ms. Schwartz
Ms. Trujillo

Middle School Math Team
Ms. Aravamudan
Ms. Birkhead
Ms. Hicks
Mr. Huddleston
Ms. Westberry

Middle School Science Team
Ms. Bean
Mr.  Eberhardt
Ms. Ferrari
Ms. Homan
Mr. Lovett

Middle School Social Studies Team
Ms. Campbell
Ms. Vaughn
Ms. Craven
Mr. Smith
Ms. McCullough

Middle School Electives Team
Ms. Brossart (PE)
Ms. Holland (Computers)
Ms. Hudson (Media)
Ms. Lubrant (Art)
Mr. Powell (Computers)
Mr. Rauh (Band & Chorus)
Mr. Saul (Spanish)
Mr. Shepherd (PE)

ESE Team
Ms. Contuzzi
Ms. Damron
Ms. Duprey
Ms. Eron
Ms. Rusch
Ms. Salamone
Ms. Sherwood
Ms. Sugg
Ms. Wallace