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Our Staff


Mr. Chiodo
[email protected]
Phone: 904.547.4053

Assistant Principals

Ms. Adkins:
Access & 4th Grade
[email protected]
Phone: 904.547.4054

Ms. Carlson-Bright:
Kindergarten – 3rd Grade and 5th Grade
[email protected]
Phone: 904.547.4071

Ms. Zamparelli:
Middle School
[email protected]
Phone: 904-547-4062

Ms. KuraltSecretary to Principal904.547.4050
Mr. ShepherdDean 904.547.4050
Ms. StephensExtended Day Coordinator904.547.4059
Ms. PetoFood Service ManagerCharger Cafe Website
Ms. K. SusiceInstructional Literacy Coach (ILC) 904.547.4050
Mr. WimmerTesting Coordinator904.547.4067
Mr. SantiagoMaintenance Manager 904.547.4057
Ms. FellReceptionist904.547.4050
Ms. JolliffComputer Operator, Middle904.547.4056
Ms. SommersComputer Operator, Elementary904.547.4076
Ms. AlbertsGuidance Clerk 
Ms. GarciaClerk 
Ms. MendozaLEA Clerk 
Ms. MurphyClerk 
Ms. TrudelClerk 
Ms. WoodsBookkeeper 
Nurse HermannSchool NurseHealth Clinic Website
Nurse RolanderSchool NurseHealth Clinic Website
Ms. SierraElementary Counselor, Grades K, 2 and 4Guidance Website
Ms. SaeyElementary Counselor, Grades 1, 3 and 5Guidance Website
Ms. GiannottaMiddle School CounselorGuidance Website

Kindergarten Team
Ms. Birmingham
Ms. Culpepper
Ms. Hodges
Ms. Hood
Ms. Ogier
Ms. Russell
Ms. Trebony

1st Grade Team
Ms. Calcaterra
Ms. Dreger
Ms. Gillespie
Ms. Murdock
Ms. B. Olson
Ms. Stewart
Ms. Trubey
Mr. Wallner

2nd Grade Team
Ms. Carver
Ms. Hernandez
Ms. Hughes
Mr. Jones
Ms. Bowen
Ms. Scott
Ms. Syner
Ms. White

3rd Grade Team
Ms. Czubati
Ms. Evans
Ms. Garcia
Ms. Gysan
Ms. Lee
Ms. McGugan
Ms. Underwood

4th Grade Team
Ms. Cipolla
Ms. Givens
Ms. Lafferty
Ms. Lang
Ms. Lavoie
Ms. Lovatt
Ms. Parrish
Ms. Thistleton

5th Grade Team
Mr. Beverly
Ms. Coggins
Ms. Greenfield
Ms. Hiett
Ms. Jermier
Ms. Lewis
Ms. Medina
Ms. Qano
Ms. Rojas

Elementary Resource Team
Mr. Church (PE)
Ms. Hudson (Media)
Ms. Lawrence (Art)
Ms. Russell (Creative Art)
Ms. Schouest (Computers/STEM)
Ms. Williams (Music)

Middle School ELA Team
Ms. Adams
Ms. Monsanto
Mr. Scanlan
Ms. Schwartz
Ms. Weitzel

Middle School Math Team
Ms. Aravamudan
Ms. Hicks
Ms. Shaw
Ms. Stafford
Ms. Westberry

Middle School Science Team
Ms. Bean
Ms. Bennett
Ms. Ferrari
Ms. Homan
Mr. Lovett

Middle School Social Studies Team
Ms. Campbell
Ms. Craven
Ms. McCullough
Ms. Seagren
Ms. Vaughn

          Middle School Electives Team                  Ms. Brossart (PE)
Ms. Holland (Computers)
Ms. Hudson (Media)
Ms. Lubrant (Art)
Mr. Monsanto (PE)
Mr. Rauh (Band & Chorus)
Mr. Saul (Spanish)
Mr. Smith (Computers)
Ms. Vega (Spanish) 

Access Team
Ms. Faulkner
Ms. Gregos
Ms. Moore
Ms. Sherwood
Ms. Wallace

ESE Team
Ms. A. Carver
Ms. Contuzzi
Ms. Duprey
Ms. Salamone
Ms. Sberna
Ms. Sugg
Ms. Winter

Ms. Alexander- Media
Ms. Benavides- ESE
Ms. Christopher- ESE
Ms. Dixon- ESE
Ms. Gillett- ESE
Ms. Graham- ESE
Ms. Fayne- ESE
Ms. Jewett- ESE
Ms. Johns- PE
Ms. Lau- Media
Ms. Letson- ESE
Ms. Meyer- ESE
Ms. Weed- ESE
Ms. Smith- ESE
Ms. Smith- ESE

Ms. Luettich
Ms. O’Brien
Ms. Tinoco

Ms. Andrews

Technology Support Specialist
Ms. Gregory

Extended Day
Ms. S. Susice- Interim Coordinator
Ms. Boles
Ms. Chemlar
Ms. Davis
Ms. Fultz
Ms. Hiers
Ms. Noriega
Ms. Palovcak
Ms. Taylor
Ms. Young

 Mr. Santiago- Manager
Mr. Alexandre
Ms. Alexandre
Ms. Brice
Ms. Diaz
Ms. Escarraman
Ms. Gonzalez
Ms. Jean
Ms. Ovalle
Ms. Silva
Ms. Taylor
Ms. Torres
Ms. Villarreal

 Ms. Peto- Manager
Mr. Anckner
Ms. Bryant-Struck
Ms. Reilly
Ms. Silva
Ms. Valinas