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2021-2022 Yearbook will arrive and be distributed during the LAST week of school.

Our Yearbook is 100% student made. My students put their hearts and souls into everything they do for the yearbook. We work really hard on our mission statement “Zero Zeros” this means we try to represent EVERY CHARGER some way some how!! All proceeds made fro the sales of the yearbook go directly back into the school and the class. 

Thank You!

Yearbooks Purchased
Memories Purchased

Last Day to Purchase: April 1, 2022

Photos we need: 

Baseball (Fall and Spring)

Soccer (Boys team and Candids, girls candids)

Winter break activities

Rock the flock pix

Tall Small ball (after Feb 4th)

Charger Rock pix

Holiday Movie Night pix

Book Fair pix

Spooky Soiree

Any Community event (ie food truck Fridays…)


*Send before April 1st​*




Online purchases ONLY #14848

No extras are ordered after the Yearbook submission date. *April 12th 2022*

*All images in ads and all individual student pictures must be consistent with the St. Johns County School District Student Code of Conduct or may be digitally adjusted. The names used in the yearbook are the legal names. There are times when a student has a legal name change; however, in order for the staff to update the name in the book, the deadline to inform the advisor is March 12th. Pages are submitted for printing starting in March and cannot be changed at a later date.