Video Game Makerspace

In our Makerspace for grades 3-5, we are building our own video games using the software Pixel Press Floors. This is an amazing app that allows students to draw their own game, scan it into an iPad, and the game comes to life! Students are embracing the challenge of creating, improving, editing and testing their creations.

Once our students learn the software, we can add the element of digital story telling and bring some of our favorite books to life!

Here is the website for the software. It includes blank pages to print and “how-to” videos to help students build their games at home.

There is a new program released by the same company that has students build the game with three dimensional cubes and use that model to create a game. It is called Bloxels. We are looking for families to read about it  and consider donating a build package to the Media Center!